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Come and Visit the Colman Museum & Centerville One-room Schoolhouse

Find out about the facinating history of Butte Creek Canyon. Exhibits feature the Native Americans, the Gold Rush, the Chinese Miners, Pioneer Families, early Hydroelectric Power and much more.


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The 49er Fair


Live Music

Mark Your Calendar

1st Sunday in June  9am - 3pm



In 1976, Lois Colman, granddaughter of D.B. Colman, canyon pioneer, realized her dream of preserving the history of Butte Creek Canyon came true, with the opening of the Colman Memorial Museum. The museum was financed with the profits of her book "Tailings of Butte Creek Canyon".

Centerville Schoolhouse

The first Centerville School was built in 1872 at Nimshew and Helltown Road. Ms. Kate Gillman was the first teacher with a salary of $30.00, plus room and board. In 1891 Ms. Ada Woods began teaching at the school, and became engaged to Charles Hintz. He built a new school at his property, just a short distance from the "Steelbridge". He sold the school to the district for $600.00. In 1895 Charles Hintz and Ada Woods were married.

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